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The UC Doctoral Scholarship, and other related scholarships, will now be considered as part of the application to enrol process. Therefore an application to study a doctoral degree programme at UC will now be regarded as an application for our Doctoral scholarships. Meeting the requirements for enrolment in a doctoral degree is one of the requirements for receiving a UC Doctoral Scholarship and preparing the application will also ensure you have provided all the required information for a scholarship application.

More details on the new process can be found at:

For more information and to start applying for doctoral admission please follow this link.

Details on maximising your chances of securing a UCDS can be found at:

The best course of action for those interested in studying a doctoral degree and receiving a scholarship at the University of Canterbury is to begin an application to enrol at the University. Meeting the requirements for enrolment in a doctoral degree is one of the requirements for receiving a UC Doctoral Scholarship and preparing the application will also ensure you have all the required information for a scholarship application.

To apply for doctoral admission and the UC Doctoral Scholarship you will require the following:
Supervisor: Evidence of contact with your supervisor, such as email communication, which confirms their availability and support of your application. Your application will not be considered unless you have had discussions with a potential supervisor and they have confirmed that they have the resources available to supervise your research at UC. You can find a supervisor at our online research portal. Please visit to begin your search.
Academic Documents: Degree Certificate/Diploma, full academic transcript (please provide both individual semester-wise transcripts, as well as consolidated results, where available), and grading scale, for all tertiary-level qualifications. 
Curriculum Vitae: This should include academic history, work history and any relevant research experience.
Thesis: If your thesis was submitted in English, please include the full thesis. If your thesis was submitted in a language other than English, please include the thesis abstract.
Evidence of English Language Proficiency (if applicable).
Identity Document: A copy of the personal details pages from your passport. If you do not yet hold a passport, then a copy of your birth certificate or national identity card may be provided instead.

If the documents are not issued in English, please supply an official English translation, as well as the original language documents.

For more information and to start applying for doctoral admission please follow this link.

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For questions about this application, please contact Scholarships Office at

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  • Doctoral
    • General (Any Faculty/School)
    • Arts
    • Business
    • Law
    • Education
    • Health
    • Engineering
    • Science
      Domestic/International Students
      • Domestic
      • International
        Subject of Study
        • Any (I would like a general award)
        • Accounting
        • Adventure Sport and Environment
        • Ancient Greek
        • Antarctic Studies
        • Anthropology
        • Applied Data Science
        • Applied Immersive Game Design
        • Applied Psychology
        • Architectural Engineering
        • Art Curatorship
        • Art History
        • Art History and Theory
        • Art Theory
        • Astronomy
        • Audiology
        • Bicultual Co-Governance of Natural Resources
        • Biochemistry
        • Bio-engineering
        • Biological Sciences
        • Bioprocess Engineering
        • Biosecurity
        • Biotechnology
        • Business
        • Business Administration
        • Business and Sustainability
        • Business Economics
        • Business Information Systems
        • Business Management
        • Cellular and Molecular Biology
        • Chemical and Process Engineering
        • Chemical, Natural and Healthcare Product Formulation
        • Chemistry
        • Child and Family Psychology
        • Chinese
        • Cinema Studies
        • Civil Engineering
        • Classics
        • Clinical Psychology
        • Communication
        • Communication Strategy and Practice
        • Communications and Network Engineering
        • Computational and Applied Mathematics
        • Computer Engineering
        • Computer Science
        • Computer-Assisted Language Learning
        • Construction Management
        • Counselling
        • Criminal Justice
        • Cultural Studies
        • Data Science
        • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
        • Digital Arts Social Science and Humanities
        • Digital Humanities
        • Disaster, Risk and Resilience
        • Early Childhood Teacher Education
        • Earthquake Engineering
        • Ecology
        • Economics
        • Economics and Mathematics
        • Education
        • e-Learning and Digital Technologies in Education
        • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
        • Energy Processing Technologies
        • Engineering
        • Engineering Geology
        • Engineering Management
        • English
        • English Language
        • Environmental Health
        • Environmental Science
        • European and European Union Studies
        • Evolutionary Biology
        • Film
        • Finance
        • Finance and Economics
        • Financial Engineering
        • Financial Management
        • Fine Arts
        • Fire Engineering
        • Forest Engineering
        • Forestry Science
        • French
        • Geographic Information Science
        • Geography
        • Geology
        • Geospatial Science and Technology
        • German
        • Global Humanitarian Engineering
        • Graphic Design
        • Health and Community
        • Health Behaviour Change
        • Health Education
        • Health Information Management
        • Health Sciences
        • Health Sciences Professional Practice
        • History
        • Hoaka Pounamu: Te Reo Maori Bilingual and Immersion Teaching
        • Human - Animal Studies
        • Human Interface Technology
        • Human Resource Management
        • Human Services
        • Humanitarian Engineering
        • Inclusive and Special Education
        • Industrial Product Design
        • Information Systems
        • Information Systems and Technology
        • Innovation
        • International Business
        • International Law and Politics
        • International Relations and Diplomacy
        • Japanese
        • Journalism
        • Latin
        • Law
        • Learning and Behaviour
        • Linguistics
        • Literacy
        • Management
        • Maori and Indigenous Health
        • Maori and Indigenous Studies
        • Marketing
        • Mathematical Physics
        • Mathematics
        • Mathematics and Philosophy
        • Mathematics and Statistics
        • Mechanical Engineering
        • Mechatronics Engineering
        • Media and Communication
        • Medical Physics
        • Medical Physics (Clinical)
        • Microbiology
        • Music
        • Musical Culture
        • Natural Resources Engineering
        • New Music
        • Nursing
        • Operations and Supply Chain Management
        • Pacific Studies
        • Painting
        • Palliative Care
        • Performance
        • Performance Analysis
        • Philosophy
        • Photography
        • Physical Education
        • Physics
        • Plant Biology
        • Policy and Governance
        • Political Communication
        • Political Science and International Relations
        • Positive Behaviour Support
        • Power Engineering
        • Primary Teacher Education
        • Product Design
        • Professional Accounting
        • Professional and Community Engagement
        • Psychology
        • Public Health
        • Renewable Engineering
        • Russian
        • Science Education
        • Science Maori and Indigenous Knowledge
        • Sculpture
        • Secondary Teacher Education
        • Social Work
        • Society and Policy
        • Sociology
        • Software Engineering
        • Soil Science
        • Spanish
        • Spatial Analysis for Public Health
        • Specialist Teaching
        • Speech and Language Pathology
        • Speech and Language Sciences
        • Sport Coaching
        • Sport Science
        • Sports Leadership and Management
        • Statistics
        • Strategic Communication
        • Strategic Leadership
        • Strategy and Entrepreneurship
        • Strength and Conditioning
        • Tauwhitinga Maori: Maori Communication Strategy and Practice
        • Taxation and Accounting
        • Te Reo Maori
        • Teacher Education
        • Teaching and Learning
        • Teaching and Learning Languages
        • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
        • Tertiary Teaching
        • Tourism Management and Marketing
        • Transportation Engineering
        • Urban Resilience and Renewal
        • Water Resource Management
        • Writing
        • Zoology
          Award Type
          • Scholarship