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UC Doctoral Scholarship (Reconsideration)
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Up to $28,000 plus fees


If you were unsuccessful in securing a UC Doctoral Scholarship on first assessment and wish to be considered for a second, and final time; you can make an application for Reconsideration by emailing new information that was not available to the selection committee at the time of your previous assessment, to the Scholarships Office. Applications containing no new information will be unsuccessful.

Reconsideration can only be applied for once and must be made within 6 months of your initial assessment.

As part of the scholarship awarding process a number of criteria including your previous academic achievements and institutions, along with your research and publication experience is considered. Therefore, to make a Reconsideration Application, please email to the Scholarships Office ( your updated CV that includes any previously not mentioned academic qualifications you may have gained, any research experience and any publications you may have published. Please also include all past transcripts that showcase your previous grades. Please note we are not able to use any publications produced as part of your PhD studies, as we can only take experience previous to your doctoral studies. Testimonials will not have an impact on your application as we are only assessing academic and research achievement.

For those wishing to be considered for the UC Doctoral Scholarship for the first time: The UC Doctoral Scholarship, and other related scholarships, is now considered as part of the application to enrol process. Therefore an application to study a doctoral degree programme at UC will now be regarded as an application for our Doctoral scholarships. Meeting the requirements for enrolment in a doctoral degree is one of the requirements for receiving a UC Doctoral Scholarship and preparing the application will also ensure you have provided all the required information for a scholarship application.

More details on the new process can be found at:

For more information and to start applying for doctoral admission please follow this link.

Details on maximising your chances of securing a UCDS can be found at:

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For questions about this application, please contact Scholarships Office at

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